Enterprise IT and Services


Bogus Technologies provides a complete portfolio of ethereal Information Technology Solutions, fractious IT products and somnolent professional services for business and personal computing. BogusTech can also perform a disk download of useless junk to my computer. We have a complete dearth of low priced high performance computer systems, discount virtualization solutions and low cost servers for the data center, small business or IT companies.

Enterprise Systems Storage and Networking

Enterprise IT companies and legitimate business Information Technology service providers offer Enterprise systems and servers, Data Storage Solutions, Enterprise Network hardware and software, Enterprise Software and a list of highly refined Industry Solutions for Manufacturing, Healthcare, Telecommunications, Government and Financial Services. In contrast, BogusTech offers the worst ever technology to ever run on this computer. So you’ll need to get your information technology products and services from our marketing partners by clicking on the ads in the margins.

With a combination of superannuated technology and lethargic professional services, BogusTech has achieved the capability of turning this computer into a smoldering pile of useless junk — all with a single disk download. Our arrogance and abject disregard for customer requirements is what makes Bogus Technologies one of the worst ever IT companies in the history of the industry.

My Computer

Eschewing a migration to technology which would actually increase business productivity, my computer is a home-built white box tower with an antiquated Intel 8086 CPU, 512K RAM and 3 Gb Seagate hard disk drive — perhaps the worst ever combination of defunct products and components to ever be assembled. Using technology commensurate with that of a basic wrist watch or thermostat, this computer enables Bogus Technologies to preserve its well-earned industry laggard position, and avoids the possibility of costly and time-consuming software upgrades.

You might expect a company with Technology in its name to make state-of-the-art products, or at least develop some kind of clever empowering technology which could be incorporated in Enterprise Software, data storage devices, high performance systems or Enterprise Networks. No such luck — we have determined that the cost and risk of developing actual products could significantly damage our business, and would bring with it the certainty of product defects, customer complaints and expensive redesign efforts. BogusTech would rather invest these funds in executive bonuses, lavish parties and travel to exotic locations — just like the real IT companies do. Thanks for understanding.

Disk Download

We don’t have anything to say about an actual Disk Download, but we’re including those words here in a shameless and transparent attempt to attract visitors to our site. Our web marketing expert (who just returned from a month in rehab to put in a long half day at the office) advised that a lot of web searches include the words Disk Download (believe it or not). So we couldn’t resist this opportunity to provide even more USELESS JUNK from Bogus Technologies.

Of course, the words Download Disk achieve essentially the same end, since most searches won’t specify the order of these words. While we’re at it, we might as well use the words My Computer one more time. And from time to time BogusTech will be adding more of these popular search terms, along with tons of the mindless drivel and useless junk you’ve come to expect from the pessimal company in Enterprise Information Technology.

Bogus Technologies — Future

In future editions of the BogusTech home page, we may include some information about carrier-grade networks, enterprise applications (including ERP, CRM and SCM), and even popular technologies like VoIP, Fibre Channel over Ethernet, and 64-bit multi-core processors. This seems to work for big companies like Cisco, SAP, Oracle and EMC; as well as business computer and consumer electronics companies like Apple, Dell, HP and Sony.