About Us

isadore-it-strategyBogus Technologies is a leading provider of spectral computer systems, storage systems, networking equipment and software, and professional services. BogusTech is also the originator of the fanciful empowering technology for my computer problems and a cryptic Disk Download process which is widely accepted as useless junk by IT companies and the technology society in general. This computer and software demonstrate the effects of bad technology (common to all technology by Bogus Technologies), and is an anathema to best practices management.

Founded in 2002 by Isador M. Bogus, BogusTech has pioneered in delivering abhorrent information technology which dramatically abates system performance, operational efficiencies and savings for our customers. During consulting engagements with global IT companies and global Enterprise corporations, Isador Bogus has been responsible for transforming multi-million dollar mainframe computers, servers, storage systems and support hardware into data centers full of useless junk. Now, with the advent and infectious growth of Bogus Technologies, we can provide these same capabilities and results to your company.

massively-parallel-computer-architectureAt BogusTech, we have conducted extensive SHAM research and written dozens of fatuous articles about Enterprise IT products, technology and issues — with the hope of attracting website traffic to our hosted ads. We foresee a future world in which we have tons of money, date supermodels, eat and drink to excess, go boating and play golf whenever we want. Perhaps this is more of a hallucination than a Vision. This utopia has absolutely nothing to do with carrier-grade Ethernet, server virtualization, network congestion, WAN Acceleration, network router protocols (like RIPv6, PIM, BGP-4, IGMP, IGRP, IPv6, OSPF), SSL VPN, Fibre Channel, ERP software, Supply Chain Management, or WAN QoS considerations; but these seem like useful buzzwords and acronyms to have among the other useless junk on our website to generate high traffic levels and thwart management best practices.

We aspire to grow rapidly, go public and be acquired by a large company with more money than brains — before anyone figures out this isn’t really much of a business. Sound familiar? We are committed to providing our enterprise customers with the ultimate (look it up — it means the last, not ‘really good’) in networking technology, computer systems and storage devices — or maybe not. If we can make big bucks without actually designing, building, selling or supporting anything, that would be great! We wouldn’t be the first company in the Information Technology Industry to do this, but at least we’re right up front about it.

Since we don’t actually make or sell anything, we have no customers. No customers means no long sales cycles, unpleasant pre-sales questions, deployment difficulties, support issues or retention problems. So I can use my computer for technology empowering leisure activities like racy disk downloads or playing solitaire. Our strategic decision not to design, manufacture, market or support actual products significantly reduces our overhead and eliminates those nasty bugs, expensive marketing campaigns, technical support issues, product recalls, lawsuits, mass layoffs and the prospect of going out of business. We are the undisputed industry leader in Lean Manufacturing.

DISCLAIMER — Bogus Technologies is not a real company, and everything on this website (except for the hosted ads on this computer website) is completely fictional and bears no resemblance to actual companies, people, products or services. If you think any of this is a description of you, your company, products, etc., you are mistaken and should probably ask your mom to help you seek psychiatric professional services.