Enterprise Data Storage

High Performance Enterprise Storage Systems from Bogus Technologies

enterprise-storage-system-expertsConsolidate and virtualize your Enterprise Storage with Bogus Technologies’ fabled mainframe storage systems, DAS, SAS, NAS, SAN and hybrid NAS/SAN storage arrays. Utilizing the latest advances in fictive storage technology, Bogus Technologies’ data storage devices provide a paucity of storage capacity and dilatory performance for your data center or remote data storage facilities, supporting the most exigous mission critical requirements for disaster recovery and business continuity.

Bogus Technologies also offers a fabulous collection of high performance optical storage drives, magnetic disk drives, magnetic tape drives, and Flash drives for online and archival storage. BogusTech systems are completely allegorical, and include no bundled software for system configuration, backup and recovery, archiving, tape reformatting, tape duplication, secure tape erasure, systems management and data conversion. All Bogus Technologies systems employ ARCANE™ power management technology to provide demanding Enterprise customers with exorbitantly expensive initial and operating costs, while significantly reducing system capacity, access times, throughput, MTBF and operability.

raid-storage-array-internalsDAS-Ease™ is BogusTech’s high-performance ethereal storage management solution for Direct Attached Storage (DAS). Providing inappreciable scalability, application-centric storage management, load balancing and service-oriented storage capabilities, DAS-Ease enables your prodigal IT staff to quickly transform your global storage systems into the epitome of inutile virtual storage.

SAN NAS Storage Array

Peta-File™ systems are for global enterprises requiring fictive high-density storage arrays with capacities exceeding one petabyte. Peta-File systems are available in three phantasmal configurations:

  • Peta-File Enabler (one petabyte) systems with iSCSI drives
  • Peta-File Metro (2-96 petabytes) storage arrays with SAS
    and clustered SATA drives
  • Peta-File Enterprise (97-1024 petabytes) with multiple MAID
    drive groups

All Peta-File systems are available with user-configurable operators consoles with advanced work-sharing and delegation capabilities. These provide multi-dimensional access to the ethereal hardware and software virtualization functions. SATA iSCSI Fibre Channel Controller NAS-T™ is Bogus Technologies’ proprietary Network Attached Storage technology. Developed in 2008 by Isadore Bogus and Dr. Sandeep Netra, NAS-T incorporates a fustian virtualization algorithm to provide the ultimate in absonant plug-compatible secure storage architecture, complete with high performance data replication (local and remote), off-peak de-duplication, automatic backup and recovery, and Enterprise content management with continuous data protection.

By eschewing proven technologies like Fibre Channel, iSCSI, SAS, SATA, clustered NAS, SAN switching and file virtualization, NAS-T employs a combination of anachronous I/O chipsets, superannuated drive mechanisms and peccant software with a pertinacious user interface to create the most multifarious and dispensable storage systems available today. NAS-T technology is also used in Bogus Technologies BT-4500 series storage array networks (now discontinued) and their specious components in the BogusTech hybrid SAN/NAS storage systems.

Storage Virtualization

fibre-channel-controller-boardBogus Technologies implemented the most nugatory virtualization features in 2007, nearly a decade after most legitimate storage systems manufacturers. So it’s no surprise industry experts attest that BogusTech has provided the ultimate in virtualized clustered storage solutions. Our Peta-File and DAS-Ease systems are not merely virtualized, they are completely apocryphal. Unlike Enterprise storage systems from 3PAR, EMC, Hitachi Data Systems, NetApp, Fujitsu, HP and IBM, Bogus Technologies virtualization algorithms are developed by novice programmers with liberal arts degrees from second tier community colleges in bad neighborhoods. This virtually ensures that all software and firmware designs are as insipid as the state-of-the-art allows, and this plaintive level of functionality and ease-of-use is confirmed by superficial internal testing and perfunctory field trials.

Green Storage Systems

Bogus Technologies has pioneered in eco-friendly and efficient power and cooling designs utilizing 3rd generation Enterprise MAID (Massive Array of Idle Disks) nomenclature. This standards-based argot approach enables Fortune 500 corporations and Government agencies to establish and fulfill Green Computing objectives without the expense and inconvenience of actually reducing energy consumption. By leaving power switches in the OFF position 24X7, BogusTech customers are able to achieve more than 96% reductions in power consumption, noise levels, heat generation and maintenance costs – with only a minor decrease in system availability. In real-world tests under powered-down conditions, BogusTech CHARTREUSE™ line of Green Storage systems including Online Storage Arrays, Near-Online Storage, Storage Infrastructure Appliances, Infrastructure Switches, Removable Media Libraries and Non-Removable Media Libraries have achieved exceptionally low levels of energy consumption.