Map and Directions

Green Computing Leader Bogus Technologies Moves to Atlanta Suburbs

Directions to Bogus Technologies Southwest Peachtree Office Park
Building III-B
Atlanta, GA 30302


From Hartsfield International (or points South):
Head east on North Terminal Parkway.
When you come to the fork in the road, take it and continue for .37 miles.
Turn left just after passing the old Jenkins place over in the woods to your right.
Continue for about 5.2 miles until you come to where the MiniMart burned down back in ‘03, then take your next right.
Take a left 3.6 miles before you get to Miller Lane, and continue for 6.0 miles.
If you are coming for the Global Enterprise IT Solutions Conference, no need to stop for doughnuts along the way; we’ll have lots of Cinnabons at the meeting.
Bear right after passing the culvert with the four black plastic trash bags.
Turn left at the corner where they’re going to build the new WalMart, then take your third right into Southwest Peachtree Office Park and Waste Disposal Facility.
We’re in Building III-B, right across the parking lot from the underground utility and groundwater monitoring station.
Park in one of the even numbered spaces marked Customer Parking, except on alternate Wednesdays or Thursdays during sales meetings.

From Atlanta (or points North):
Head south on I-85/I-75/401/403 in the left lane, carefully avoiding motorcycles, pedestrians and debris in the road.
Continue past the Historical Marker 12 miles before the Amal Heights exit.
Watch out for the speed trap near Exit 246 (motorcycle cop at the overpass).
Continue for 18 minutes, unless it’s Friday rush hour 4-7 p.m.
If you see signs for I-285 West, you’ve gone too far; take any exit and head back up I-85 North, following the From Hartsfield International directions.
As you come around the corner to the left, get in the right lane and take the exit immediately after the damaged guardrail and Men at Work sign.
Move to the right lane, continue through 5 lights, then swerve to the left across all four lanes, making a u-turn onto the southbound access road.
You’ll be able to see the 12-story BogusTech headquarters building on your right, just beyond Gen. Sherman Memorial Stadium across from Peachtree Square.
Continue on the access road for 3.2 miles, following the white panel truck with the ‘How’s My Driving?’ sign.
If the next light is red, turn right onto Peachtree Boulevard and take your next left after the former Ace Hardware store. Enter the BogusTech address into your GPS and follow the directions.

From Augusta or Birmingham (points East or West):
If you’re traveling east or west on 402, consider how much you really want to be in Atlanta anyway. All that traffic, heat and humidity – are you kidding?
OK – continue on 402 towards Atlanta. Don’t take the 285 exit unless you’re picking up someone at the airport who’s in a really big hurry.
Remain in the left lane until you see the sign for Peachtree Avenue West.
As you approach the Heflin exit, consider stopping at the Parker BBQ Emporium down by the Kiwanis – great pork ribs Atlanta style.
Continue on 402 for 17.2 miles or 20 minutes, whichever comes first.
As you cross over the Norfolk Southern railway, look for ice on the road, watch out for falling rock and stop for emergency vehicles.
Instead of heading down I-85 or I-75, take the back road that used to go between Hapeville and East Point before they put in the connector to Sylvan Avenue.
Continue for 5.3 miles, just past the azaleas blooming on the left hand side.
Turn left onto Peachy Park Drive and into the South Peachtree Office Park complex.
BogusTech is in Building III-B – please park in the P-2 Level (Sub-Basement 3) of the underground parking lot beneath Building II-A.
Take the elevator up to the main lobby (Level 4), turn north northeast through the Peachtree Annex and walk across the parking lot to Building IV.
Take the freight elevator to the 3rd floor (Level 2A), go through the unmarked door to the left and walk across the open-air pedestrian bridge to the Building III-B 5th floor.
Go back to your car to get your parking ticket for validation.
Take the stairway up three floors to the BogusTech VIP Executive Briefing Center.
The receptionist will return from the restroom momentarily.

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