High Tech Product Strategy

enterprise-wan-infrastructureBogus Technologies has made the strategic decision to eschew production and marketing of high performance Enterprise IT server, storage, networking and software products — including SATA drives, external storage hard drives, computer routers and DVR firmware. The economic downturn and competition from reputable vendors would just turn our worst-in-the-world technology and product inventory into useless junk in a matter of months. Nobody wants to buy meretricious computer peripherals, particularly in a recession.

Enterprise Servers

BogusTech has two lines of Enterprise Servers — Celadon(TM) systems for the ultimate in sophistic eco-friendly design and ersatz processing power for the global enterprise, and Coprolite(TM) systems for cost-conscious companies which are oblivious to their needs for high performance, capacity, reliability, value and Green Computing. Celadon Enterprise Servers incorporate the most extraneous processing and storage features in the industry, delivering markedly reduced reliability which dramatically reduces energy consumption in the data center.

Enterprise Storage Systems

high-performance-disk-driveBogus Technologies ‘ data storage devices provide diminutive performance and a privation of storage capacity for your Enterprise data center and remote storage locations, supporting the most exigous mission critical requirements for global operations, Transaction Processing, Data Warehousing, Content Management, Business Intelligence, DR/BC and data protection. BogusTech PetaFileTM Enterprise Storage Systems and DAS-ease Virtualization Software provide a semblant green storage solution for the Enterprise 2.0 environment.

External Storage Hard Drives

The market for external storage hard drives is extremely competitive, with offerings including LaCie hard drive, Maxtor drives, Seagate hard drive, Toshiba drive and Western Digital hard drives. These formidable competitors and the extreme performance and price competition in this segment reinforce our decision not to offer external disk storage systems — particularly computer hard drives, portable hard drives or USB hard drives like the following:

  • LaCie drive: 30gb external disk, 40gb external hard drive, 60gb and 80gb hard drives, LaCie disk adapters and LaCie USB products
  • Maxtor hard drive (OneTouch): 60gb, 80gb, 120gb hard disk, portable Maxtor drives and cables for external Maxtor hard drives
  • Seagate drive: 80gb, 120gb hard drives — not including Seagate Barracuda adapters, Seagate Barracuda controllers or internal Seagate drives
  • Toshiba hard drive: 60gb hard drive, 120gb external drive including Toshiba adapter, hard drives and controllers for Toshiba laptop
  • Western Digital drive: 80gb, 120gb, 160gb and 250gb external hard drive, hard drive wd cables, Western Digital external hard drive adapters

SATA Drives

Our Serial ATA hard drive and SATA RAID systems, and related equipment including SATA cables and SATA adapters helped us define the low performance/high cost hard drive segment in the hard drive industry. This initiative gave BogusTech an early lead over more legitimate disk systems manufacturers like EMC, Hitachi Data Systems, IBM and Fujitsu, who were late in recognizing the growth potential of the market for overpriced and underperforming storage hardware.

Following its marginally successful launch in September, the BogusTech SATA-N 5475 external storage hard drive was widely recognized as the industry leader in excessive seek latency and substandard throughput, and received the coveted Worst in the World award at the International Conference on Enterprise Information Technology. Accordingly the product was discontinued in early October, in time for the Data Storage Systems Conference in La Paz, Bolivia.

Computer Routers

Distribution Router, Enterprise Switch with MPLSThe Bogus Technologies BT7270-series carrier-grade computer routers are among the networking hardware industry’s most derisory innovations in the past decade. Utilizing BogusTech’s patented ARCANETM technology, and fabricated from chip rejects and WWII surplus telegraph network stitches and aluminum wiring, these computer routers embodied advanced hardware incompatibilities, languid performance and extremely low MTBF rates that are unmatched by network routers even today.

In contrast with superior products from Cisco, Juniper and Sycamore Networks, the BogusTech computer routers provide bare bones support for Ethernet, IP and TCP/IP; and lack support for even the most basic protocols like MPLS, OSPF, IGP and CIDR. And, like the BogusTech 3850-series computer routers, the BT7220s withholds support for MPLS, a prerequisite for VoIP and converged Enterprise IP environments.

DVR Firmware

Bogus Technologies entered the DVR firmware business in 2007, in an effort to avoid the substantial capital investments, warranty expectations and technical competence requirements of hardware manufacturing. Our initial offering, written by a part-time accounting intern on her lunch break, enabled BogusTech to become the DVR pioneer of northwest Arkansas for the month of July. While most of the offshore DVR manufacturers like LSVT, WIT Borsche, Hunt and Shinsoft utilized proven methodologies including structured design, Agile Development, version control, and rigorous software testing; all Bogus Technologies DVR firmware is developed by work release inmates incentivized by stale pizza, cigarettes and high caffeine sports drinks. As a result, DVR systems utilizing our DVR firmware are expected to achieve increasingly evanescent levels of quality, performance and value.

Bogus Technologies Product Strategy

Taking advantage of the obvious synergies in SATA drives, computer routers and DVR firmware, BogusTech originally adopted a novel strategy of selling this high-priced useless junk to unsuspecting Fortune 500 corporations, storage device vendors, network equipment manufacturers and large systems integrators. Increased competition from credible manufacturers like IBM, HP, Sony — and diseconomies of scale from producing only three units in Q3 — have caused Bogus Technologies to reconsider this business model. Going forward, BogusTech will restrict its offerings to illusory products and services; and abandon the market for enterprise servers, external storage hard drives, high performance storage systems, disk subsystems (including NAS, SAN and direct attached storage), network routers, video recording firmware and IT Services.