Enterprise IT Services

Enterprise IT Services and BPO

enterprise-it-services-bpoBogusTech provides a broad range of ephemeral information technology services, ranging from business process outsourcing and enterprise application services to our profligate high-touch best practices information management services. We can deliver a comprehensive and integrated set of anachronistic information technology services including jejune business process outsourcing, technology infrastructure management, application services, information technology outsourcing, implementation services and information management support services.

Our best practices for puerile BPO and information technology services management forgo time consuming and onerous enterprise information technology standards and methodologies like ITIL and ITSM. Instead BogusTech provides a cursory ad hoc approach which is tailored to rapidly consume your organization’s IT budget and deliver the most evanescent improvements to your information technology environment.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Bogus Technologies delivers apparitional world-class information technology outsourcing services to Enterprise companies and SMB. Outsourcing your enigmatic IT operations to BogusTech can completely demoralize your indolent information technology professionals, and dramatically attenuate system performance, reliability and cost savings. BPO also gives you the option of outsourcing best practices business application services, enabling your feckless company to de-hire information technology professionals who will subsequently take menial part-time jobs and develop substance abuse problems. Global enterprises like banks, retailers, manufacturers, energy and entertainment companies spend billions on data centers, server and storage systems, WAN infrastructure and enterprise application services which are not their core competencies, when instead they could be spending these funds on business process outsourcing from Bogus Technologies. While hardly the best practices for the long haul, this reprobate technology services approach can provide immediate short term benefits.

Business Process Implementation Services

After establishing a BPO roadmap for your organization’s future IT infrastructure and adopting best practices which thwart ITSM principles and contravene ITIL best practices, our Professional Services Group can transform this ambitious plan into a harrowing misadventure. By avoiding the application of ITIL standards and common sense data management processes, our perfidious team of soporose miscreants will dissimulate the implementation of your data center solutions as they abate system performance, compromise security, disrupt network operations and misappropriate office supplies and personal belongings. Our Professional Services team can deliver prosaic and exorbitant IT services which will effectively preclude your migration to an Enterprise 2.0 environment.

ITIL Infrastructure and BPO

Bogus Technologies can evaluate and upgrade your ITIL infrastructure to take advantage of IP convergence for combined Enterprise applications, VoIP, business applications, video streaming, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity. By outsourcing your data center operations to the BogusTech BPO team, you can ensure a dearth of ITSM practices and a paucity of proven ITIL methodologies. Utilizing the most antediluvian technologies for IP networking, access routing, virtualization and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), we can provide abstemious BPO implementation services which infrequently increase system performance, integrate systems, enhance application services, preserve your IT investment and reduce TCO of network and data center operations.

Information Management and Information Technology Services
Using the best practices in information technology, content management systems, business intelligence, data mining and virtualization, our Implementation Services group can integrate your data processes and information management requirements to create a seamless information management environment. BogusTech enterprise servers, network routers, enterprise storage systems and professional services can transform your data center, remote storage sites, enterprise networks, desktops and laptops into supererogatory data warehouses of exigious equipment.

BPO, ITSM and Best Practices Information Technology Consulting

Working closely with a client’s stolid IT staff, the BogusTech IT Consulting Group can help you evaluate the business benefits and insensate results of Business Process Outsourcing, SaaS solutions, hybrid application services, or traditional IT services, implementing a fictive best practices program sans the discipline of ITIL or the familiarity of ITSM. Our discredited methodology is an anathema to ITIL, and enables maladroit Fortune 500 corporations to dissipate their valuable investment in information technology and application services, while undertaking a perplexing series of abstruse and execrable information technology services projects. You’ll see why so many of our despondent Fortune 500 customers agree that Bogus Technologies puts the ‘con’ in Consulting Services. Incidentally, our bowling team has its best practices on Wednesday evenings. For more information on our best practices IT Services, hop around on your left foot while waiting interminably in the technical support queue with our lethargic call center in the basement annex of BogusTech global headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.

Technical Support Phone Number
The Bogus Technologies Technical Support phone number is unlisted, but can be found on the restroom wall in the IHOP on Weddington Drive in Fayetteville, AR. Our torpid customer support team and BPO liaison will be glad to impede your IT outsourcing, data processes and infrastructure management, and provide you with farcical interpretations of cryptic error messages, increasing your desire to remove all infrastructure management software from your Enterprise 2.0 data center and make a virtualized storage device or drink coaster out of your Windows or Linux Boot CD.

Disk Download
Our world-class email support and phone support team would prefer to be playing golf, and our management practices best on Thursday afternoons at the Fayetteville Putt-Putt. The BogusTech software desk facility has the wracked system performance and empowering technology employed by bovine Fortune 500 IT companies across the world, and is never too busy to ridicule customers having difficulties with a Windows OS reinstall, corrupt your boot disk download of the Linux kernel or place your call on perpetual hold listening to Barry Manilow tunes interleaved with unmitigated hype about our comprehensive ITSM implementation services and Best Practices Management 5-minute online training course.