“Intergalactic Brokerage Services contracted with Bogus Technologies to undertake a $39 million server consolidation, Lawson ERP, Peoplesoft HR, SAS and Business Objects data mining applications upgrade in our redundant data centers in San Diego, Miami and Moose Ankle, South Dakota. Although BogusTech was the high bidder and lacked extensive experience in the Banking Industry, we were impressed by their vapid sales presentation, unsubstantiated promises, as well as the buxom and gregarious female sales associates. Bogus Technologies’ technical underperformance and aggressive billing practices significantly accelerated our growth reversal, staff reductions, FISMA compliance violations and eventual Chapter 11 filing.”
— Arnold T. Blather
Executive Vice President and General Manager
IBS, LTD (a subsidiary of the U.S. Treasury)

“We were surprised by the level of expertise and experience provided by the Enterprise Applications consultants from Bogus Technologies. Their proposal to enhance the throughput and responsiveness of our Oracle Financials, Microsoft Outlook and SAP Supply Chain applications was remarkable given their complete unfamiliarity with these systems. We were relieved to see them drinking coffee and watching Video Professor in the cafeteria, rather than attempt to operate or modify our mainframe and high performance open systems multiprocessor systems and storage arrays in the data center.”
— Monica Hilliard
Global Director of Data Center Security and A/V Custodian
Universal Megacorp International, Ltd.

“Consolidated engaged Bogus Tech in a two-year multi-million dollar network infrastructure upgrade to enhance our DR/BC capability following the merger with Putrescent Gas. Although BogusTech expended most of the project funds entertaining our executives at golf courses and exotic dance clubs, the BogusTech D500EX Enterprise Storage Array reduced application throughput by 38%, increased electrical consumption by 54% and required constant attention by the IT Operations staff. This delayed the deployment of the BogusTech VS4200 Enterprise Virtualization software which was subsequently found to contain the MF-35-FU trojan horse. The SAS-70 on-site auditor concluded that if we could survive the catastrophe caused by Bogus Technologies, we would have no problem with Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity in the event of a mere earthquake, chemical fire, bio-hazard emergency or terrorist attack. Mission Accomplished!”
— Louis Smythe-Tarleton
Senior Compliance Officer
Consolidated Gas & Electric, Inc.

“We were thoroughly satisfied with the equipment, service and support provided by Bogus Technologies, at least until the systems were activated. The WAN Acceleration units installed between our headquarters and the remote data center operated nominally for nearly twelve minutes, after which they overheated and emitted toxic fumes until the fire department arrived and hosed the data center down with brackish water from a nearby pond. The ensuing electrical fire and explosions, compounded by a near-total structural failure of the 12-story data center building, will undoubtedly hamper efforts to achieve full Sarbanes-Oxley information management compliance by the year-end target date.
— Oliver Dingle, III
former CIO
Fiduciary Imprudence Corporation

“Our strategic alliance with Bogus Technologies virtually decimated our company’s thriving business and outstanding reputation in carrier-grade transmission and switching. We were fortunate to retain three customers and survive the $5.4 million give-back following project termination and protracted litigation.”
— Joseph T. Peterson
Senior Vice President, Telecom Sales
Metamucil High Fibre Channel Solutions

“We would like to thank Bogus Technology for the state-of-the-art ERP and SCM software, trouble-free deployment and responsive support team. Unfortunately, that was not the case. The enterprise software BogusTech delivered has an outmoded user interface, torpid performance and inscrutable documentation. It would be unimaginable to say we are delighted with the Bogus Technology solution.”
— I.M. Livid
Global Information Technology Director
Meager Healthcare Corporation

“Our in-theater Commanders wanted to upgrade our secure broadband data communications networks in the worst way, and that’s why we chose Bogus Technologies. BogusTech was the only vendor capable of supplying and supporting the anachronistic and exorbitant wireless broadband routers, access points and encryption systems the Marine Corps specified in the RFP.”
— Colonel Howard “Skippy” Fishbein
Director, Tactical Communications Systems and Infrastructure
U.S. Marine Corps Rapid Deployment Force